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    Saved Results

    Saved Results

    The results you have saved can be found in the Saved Results page.In that page you have the following options:


    This option enables a user to send by e-mail the saved records he wishes.

    To e-mail the records:

    1. Firstly, choose the records you want by clicking on the checkbox, next to the record.

    2. Then choose the appropriate display output (Full,Brief, MarcXML).

    3. Enter the e-mail address where you want to send your records

    4. Click on E-mail.


    A presentation of the selected records in a new window.The available options are Full,Brief and MARCXML.


    An xml presentation of the selected records in a new window page.The available options are Full,Brief and MARCXML.


    This button enables the user to save the results he has selected. The selected records are moved from the Session results to the Saved results so that you can access them at any time.

    This option is given only to logged in users


    Delete the selected results.It may be used in both the Session results and Saved results list.


    The options concerning the presentation of records in the Saved Results page are:

    • Brief

    Brief is a short view of the main elements of the bibliographic record.

    • Full

    Full is a full view of the bibliographic record.


    MARCXML is a bibliographic view of the record and it applies in:

    1. E-mail

    2. Print

    3. Download