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Monographs [10999] Archival material [753]
Multi Volumes Editions [1500] Photographic prints [57]
Periodicals [157] Newspapers [43]
Articles [2969] One-leaf pamphlets [3]
Manuscripts [228] Electronic resource [13]
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Title:  The Goths in the Crimea / Alexander Alexandrovich Vasiliev.
Creator:  Vasiliev, A. A.
Publication Date:  1936.

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Title:  Grece.
Creator:  Pouqueville, Francois Charles Hugues Laurent,
Publication Date:  1869.

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Title:  Grèce, Turquie, le Danube / par Charles Bigot.
Creator:  Bigot, Charles Jules,
Publication Date:  1886.

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Title:  Griechisch-deutsches Handwörterbuch / hrsg. von M.J.A.E. Schmidt ___.
Creator:  Schmidt, J. A. E.
Publication Date:  1847.

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Title:  Histoire du schisme des Grecs / par le P. Louis Maimbourg de la Compagnie de Jesus.
Creator:  Maimbourg, Louis,
Publication Date:  1677.

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Title:  The Island of Roses and her eleven sisters : or, The Dodecanese from the earliest time down to the present day / by Michael D. Volonakis___ ; with an introduction by J. L. Myres ___.
Creator:  Βολονάκης, Μιχαήλ Δ.,
Publication Date:  1922.

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Title:  The Jews : ancient, medieval and modern / by James K. Hosmer.
Creator:  Hosmer, James Kendall,
Publication Date:  1891.

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18. D. C. Hesseling, Koraïs et ses amis hollandais, Αθήνα 1935.

Title:  Koraïs et ses amis hollandais / D. C. Hesseling.
Creator:  Hesseling, D. C.
Publication Date:  1935.

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19. "Αθανάσιος Γ. Πολίτης, L'hellenisme et l'Egypte moderne /Athanase G. Politis ; preface de M. Pierre Jouguet 1929-1930 [DSM 41787-41788]"

Title:  L'hellenisme et l'Egypte moderne / Athanase G. Politis ; preface de M. Pierre Jouguet ___.
Creator:  Πολίτης, Αθανάσιος.
Publication Date:  1929-1930.

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Title:  La colonie Grecque en Egypte (1833-1856) / Christos Hadziiossif, sous la direction de M. Nicolas Svoronos.
Creator:  Χατζηιωσήφ, Χρήστος Χ.
Publication Date:  1980.

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