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Digital Collections

Greek Digital Bibliography 15th-21st century

Books related to the Greek Bibliography of the 15th-21st century, belonging to the Library of the University of Crete, the Library of the Association of the Adrianopolitan Friends of Education and various other institutions or individuals. ANEMI's vision for this collection is to become a union agent for the registration and display of all digitization efforts concerning the period.

[12456] Neohellinistis

Reference material such as bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, handbooks, chronologies and other utilities related with Modern Greek Studies, organised according to "The Handbook of Modern Greek Studies" by Alexis Politis (Crete University Press, 2nd edition, 2005).


Digitized histories of literature, general histories of the Greek Nation and various other handbooks, enriched with electronic tables of contents and indexes. This enrichment was undertaken within the frame of the pilot project “Antaeus: Integrated Electronic Index of Basic Handbooks on Modern Greek Studies”, funded by the Operational Program Information Society (2008).

[99] Archives

Digital collection under constant enrichment to include the rich archival material available in the University of Crete Library (archival collections of Pantelis Prevelakis, Alexandros Xydis, Errikos Moatsos, Georgios Arvanitidis, Angelos Papakostas, et al.).


Callirrhoe hosts diverse bibliographies of people and subjects, either in paginated (pdf) or directly accessible web form.

[41] Greeks in Egypt

A special collection of contributors for digitized books and other material from various sources relating to Greeks in Egypt. The collection also includes selected new editions that are offered only in e-form, as well as 'Greeks in Egypt – Interesting Links', which also refers to material already uploaded in other collections of Anemi.


Books digitized upon requests of ANEMI users, which do not fit in any of the other existing digital collections.

[1805] Rhadamanthys

Rhadamanthys hosts digitized newspapers from the rich collection of the Local Press (1880 to date) of the Central Public Library of Rethymno.


Travel literature of Greek interest. Most items of this collection belong to the Library of the University of Crete, yet in some cases the bibliographic records provide hyperlinks to items digitized by other bodies.

[680] The Cretan Revolution of 1866-69: A Digital Bibliography

Target of this digital collection is to search and include local, national and international bibliography on History and Literature concerning the Cretan Revolution of the years 1866-1869. It is established and financed as part of a project by Iera Metropolis of Rethymnon and Avlopotamos, and implemented by the Department of History and Archaeology, and the Department of Primary Education in collaboration with the Central Library of the University of Crete.

Library of Educational Association of Adrianoupolis

Digitized books belonging to the Library of the Association of the Adrianopolitan Friends of Education (re-constituted in Thessaloniki, 1924). The collection consists mainly of books of the educational institutions of Adrianoupolis and also books of the Greek Community of Varna, donated from the Association of the Varnians in Thessaloniki.

[1237] Digital Collection from the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation

A warm welcome to the homepage of the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation! The Foundation is owner of one of the great private collections of books and maps devoted to the island of Cyprus.
The core of the collection is printed descriptions of the island, published from the very dawn of European printing, in 1475, through to 1964, when the island, for the first time in its long, and often sad, history achieved self-rule. While many of the items were acquired in the full glare of publicity, as a private collection, the many treasures and rarities of the collection have never been fully unveiled to the public.
The Foundation has been established with the guiding principle of opening the collection to public access; this website has been established as an introduction to the many items in the collection - over two thousand books and over 600 atlases and maps.
So, we invite you to “enter” this website and experience the history of Cyprus!

Marcus Mousouros

Books and archivals about Crete. The vast majority of the items comes mainly from the rich collections of books and archives of the University of Crete Library.

[655] manusCrete: Manuscripts in Crete Today

Digitisation of the manuscripts preserved in Crete today in public, ecclesiastical and private libraries, accompanied by the relevant bibliography.

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1. 143 μορφικές εκφράσεις Φασιανού... Καθημερινή (17-11-1994).

Title:  143 μορφικές εκφράσεις Φασιανού...

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Title:  3ème Biennale d'Arts Plastiques [δακτυλόγραφο]

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Title:  8th International Biennale of Sculpture 1991-92 : The Foundation "Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos" cordialy invites you to the events of September and October 1991 of the 8th International Biennale of Sculture 1991-92.
Creator:  Σκιρώνειο Μουσείο Πολυχρονόπουλου.
Publication Date:  [1991].

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4. A. Fassianos 1971 : Alecos Fassianos a réalisé, à la demande de Gemap, ce dessin original et se tient à votre disposition pour vous le dédicacer. Toute l'equipe Gemap est heureuse de vous l'offrir et vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année!

Title:  A. Fassianos 1971 : Alecos Fassianos a réalisé, à la demande de Gemap, ce dessin original et se tient à votre disposition pour vous le dédicacer. Toute l'equipe Gemap est heureuse de vous l'offrir et vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année!

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5. Γαλλικό απόσπασμα ατομικών και ομαδικών διεθνών εκθέσεων του Αλέκου Φασιανού μεταξύ 1960-1981. Δίνονται η χρονολογία έκθεσης, ο χώρος έκθεσης και η πόλη, ενώ γίνεται επιπλέον αναφορά σε εικονογραφήσεις βιβλίων και θεατρικών σκηνικών, καθώς και τα τηλεοπτικά αφιερώματα στο έργο του.

Title:  Alecos Fassianos : [Βιογραφικό σημείωμα] [δακτ.]

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6. Art / O. H. Express (15-01-1982).

Title:  Art / O. H.
Creator:  Han, Oto

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7. C. B. Scoπελίτης...

Title:  C. B. Scoπελίτης...

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8. No preview available

Title:  Costis / : Foudres. / Gilsoul, Guy.
Creator:  Gilsoul, Guy,

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9. No preview available

Title:  Curriculum Vitae : George Touyas [δακτ.] [1978?]

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10. No preview available

Title:  Curriculum vitae : Rena Tzolakis [δακτ.] [1983?]

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