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    Introduction to Navigation

    Records are grouped in sets.

    This web interface provides the user with the option to navigate within a set or submit a search request within a specific set.

    One record can be included in more than one set (e.g. a record may exist both in Neoellinistis and Archives)

    The material is grouped in the following sets :



    This set represents mainly, the four main Collections of the current database (see the section about).



    Subjects are collections grouped by the intellectual content of the record.(e.g. Humanities)


    Contributors are various institutions that possess the records (e.g. Aegean University)

    Time period

    Time Period is a specific period of time that is associated with the intellectual content of the resource. (e.g. 16th century)

    Type of Material

    Type of Material refers to the type of material of the record. (e.g. Article)