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Greeks in Egypt

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1. Loukas, George 1940-
Accounts from an old Ledger :Short memories of a lifetime. 2nd ed., 2017.

Title:  Accounts from an old Ledger : Short memories of a lifetime / George Loukas.
Creator:  Loukas, George
Publication Date:  2017.

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Title:  Aspects of the Economic and Social History of the Greek Community in Alexandria during the 19th century / : being a Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy / Pandelis Michalis Glavanis.
Creator:  Γκλαβάνης, Παντελής Μιχάλης
Publication Date:  1989.

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Title:  Au Sinai, Palestine et Syrie / par G. de Lombay.
Creator:  Lombay, G. de.
Publication Date:  1892.

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Title:  Bibliotheca Alexandrina [ηλεκτρονική πηγή]
Publication Date:  2002-.

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Title:  The Christian Platonists of Alexandria / by Charles Bigg.
Creator:  Bigg, Charles,
Publication Date:  1913.

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Title:  Classification of finishing tools in Greek bookbinding : establishing links from the Library of St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt / Nikolas Sarris.
Creator:  Σαρρής, Νικόλας.
Publication Date:  1994.

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Title:  A concise dictionary of Egyptian archaeology : a handbook for students and travelers / by M. Brodrick and A. Anderson Morton.
Creator:  Brodrick, Mary.
Publication Date:  1902.

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8. Egypt's Port-Tewfick Through the eyes of the soul /George M. Cotzas, Athens Alkodi Group, 2015.

Title:  Egypt's Port-Tewfick Through the eyes of my soul / George M. Cotzas.
Creator:  Κοτζάς, Γεώργιος Μ.,
Publication Date:  2015.

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Title:  Égypte, depuis la conquête des Arabes jusqu'e a la domination française / par M. J. Marcel.
Creator:  Marcel, J. J.
Publication Date:  1877.

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10. Καρανάσου, Φλωρέσκα1962-Egyptianisation :The 1947 Company Law and the Foreign Communities in Egypt /Floresca Karanasou.Oxford,1992.

Title:  Egyptianisation : The 1947 Company Law and the Foreign Communities in Egypt / Floresca Karanasou.
Creator:  Καρανάσου, Φλωρέσκα
Publication Date:  1992.

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