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Title:  Bayern in Griechenland : die Geschichte eines Abenteuers / Wolf Seidl.
Creator:  Seidl, Wolf.
Publication Date:  [1965]

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32. "Παρανίκας, Ματθαίος Κ.,1832-;Beitrage zur byzantinischen litteratur /von Dr. M. C. Paranikas.Munchen :In Commission bei G. Franz,1870.ΑΡΒ 706"

Title:  Beitrage zur byzantinischen litteratur / von Dr. M. C. Paranikas.
Creator:  Παρανίκας, Ματθαίος Κ.,
Publication Date:  1870.

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Title:  Bibliografia de estudios neogriegos en espanol : y en otras lenguas ibericas / Moschos Morfakidis.
Creator:  Μορφακίδης, Μ.
Publication Date:  1998.

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Title:  Bibliografia dell' Università di Padova.
Creator:  Rossetti, Lucia

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Title:  Bibliografia della letteratura neoellenica in Italia / Laura Oliveti.
Creator:  Oliveti Laura
Publication Date:  1974.

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Title:  Bibliografia scelta di Studi Neogreci in Italia (1970-1975).
Creator:  Di Salvo, Ines

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Title:  Bibliografia scelta di studi neogreci in Italia, 1976-1980 / a cura di Ines Di Salvo.
Creator:  Di Salvo, Ines
Publication Date:  1982.

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Title:  Bibliographia Faunae Grecae 1950-1960 / A. Kanellis και Ch. Hadjissarandos.
Creator:  Κανέλλης, Α

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Title:  Bibliographia Romanesca veche 1508-1830 : I-IV.
Creator:  Bianu, Ioan,
Publication Date:  1944.

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Title:  A Bibliographical Essay on Modern Greek Economic History / Gelina Harlaftis.
Creator:  Harlaftis, Gelina,

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