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Title:  Travels in the Morea : with a map and plans.
Creator:  Leake, William Martin,
Publication Date:  1968.

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652. "William Martin Leake, Travels in the Morea, I-III, Λονδίνο 1830. ΟΡΛ 60849-51"

Title:  Travels in the Morea : With a map and plans / by William Martin Leake, f.r.s. etc.
Creator:  Leake, William Martin,
Publication Date:  MDCCCXXX [=1830].

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Title:  Tre tipografie di libri greci : Salicata, Saro e Bortoli / Γεώργιος Σ. Πλουμίδης.
Creator:  Πλουμίδης, Γεώργιος Σ.,

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Title:  Turcismi nell "Alipasiadha" di Chatzi Sechretis : un poema epico neogreco del primo Ottocento e le sue parole ottomane / Matthias Kappler.
Creator:  Kappler, Matthias.
Publication Date:  1993.

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Title:  Turkce-rumca sozluk = Λεξικόν τουρκο-ελληνικόν / υπό Αντωνίου Β. θεοφυλακτίδου
Creator:  Θεοφυλακτίδης, Αντώνης Β.
Publication Date:  1960

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Title:  Turkey / Meral Guclu, compiler.
Creator:  Guclu, Meral
Publication Date:  1981.

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657. Turkey old and new :Historical, geographical and statistical /by Sutherland Menzies. ΑΡΒ 1476

Title:  Turkey old and new : Historical, geographical and statistical / by Sutherland Menzies.
Creator:  Menzies, Sutherland.
Publication Date:  1883.

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658. Great Britain. Naval Intelligence Division Turkey. 1942-3. V.1-2.

Title:  Turkey. / [Prepared by the Oxford sub-centre.
Creator:  Great Britain.
Publication Date:  1942-43.

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Title:  Turquie / : par M. Jh. Mie. Jouannin,... et par M. Jules Van Gaver / αρχιμανδρίτου Ευγενίου Κωσταρίδου ___.
Creator:  Jouannin, Joseph-Marie
Publication Date:  1840.

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Title:  Tusculum-λεξικόν Ελλήνων και Λατίνων συγγραφέων της αρχαιότητας και του μεσαίωνα / εκδόθηκε από τους Wolfgang Buchwald, Armin Hohlweg, Otto Prinz ;μετάφραση Αθανάσιος Αλεξ. Φούρλας ;επιμέλεια Αναστάσιος Χρ. Λώλος.
Publication Date:  1993-2003.

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