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---Dr Michele Axelos  (2008-05-09)

Dear Sir, dear Madam,
Thank you very much for the free access to your excellent database.
In order to complete my own genealogy, I was interested in the "Livre d'or de la Noblesse Ionienne" by Eug. RIZO RANGABE, Eleftheroudakis Ed., 1925-1927, 3 vol.
Recently, I found on ligne the volume II (Cephalonie), on our site anemi.lib.uoc.
Fantastic !  I found "Regina Schiada" my grandmother !
I was aware of many data about the Schiadan (or Schiada) family genealogy, between 1480 and 1795, collected in 1935 from the "Livre d'Or" by my grandmother's brother, Ricardo Schiadan. However, the fact that the "Livre d'Or" was in part burned in 1797 had limited his research : there were two generations missing.  With the help of the lists collected by Eugene RIZO-RANGABE for Cephalonia, published in 1926, the genealogy of my family is now complete.
Thanks, thanks a lot...

---Archdeacon professor Ioan I ICA JR , Sibiu Romania  (2007-07-21)

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your huge and most precious work which enable access to so many important modern Greek theological works. May our Lord reward you properly for these efforts.

I would like to ask you a question.Perhaps you could help me. I am trying to find a little work of Eustratios Argentis , namely his Encheiridion peri Baptismatos, published according to Legrand in 1757 in Constantinople and in Leipzig as Anthos Eusebeias.Could you tell me where and how could I get a scanned copy of this item which is most important for my theological research.

Once again many thanks and warmest congratulations.

Eucharisto para poly agapitoi philoi

---Απόστολος Κομπίτσης  (2007-07-11)

Αγαπητοί Κύριοι,

Σας συγχαίρω πολύ για το έργο σας!! Είμαι πρωτοψάλτης και καθηγητής Βυζαντινής Μουσικής εδώ στην Αμερική, και επί τέλους έχω βρεί πολλά από τα κλασσικά κείμενα που γύρευα για πολλά χρόνια. Μάλιστα έχω αλλάξει λίγο την διδασκαλία μου με τους μαθητές μου για να τους δώσω ορισμένα δείγματα από τα παλαιά βιβλία της Μουσικής μας. Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

Μετά σεβασμού,

Απόστολος Κομπίτσης