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Rhadamanthys collection hosts digitized newspapers material from the rich collection of the Local Press of the Central Public Library Rethymno. The Public Library of Rethymno has a particularly rich collection of local press, including newspapers issued on the island from 1880 until today. This also includes one of the richest collections of newspapers issued in Rethymno, from the years of Ottoman rule until today.

Detailed information on the Press of Rethymno is recorded in an article titled [The Press of Rethymno (1881-2011)] by the former Director of the Central Public Library of Rethymno, Giannis Z. Papiomytoglou. As he notes, during this period "saw the light more than eighty newspapers, a number too large for a small town like Rethymno, but indicative of the dynamism and thirst of citizens to information and knowledge and thus to progress and prosperity". [...] "The importance of the press in the progress and prosperity of a place, and in the correct orientation of the society to which it is addressed, is well obvious. Especially the provincial press is invited to play another role as important as the previous one. That is, to host all the information that makes up the social, political, economic and cultural face of a place at a specific time. It reflects the big and small moments of the local community, the joys and the sufferings, anxieties and desires as well as the figures that played a minor or major role in local things. Altogether, this is the raw material of inestimable value to the historian and sociologist, who will want to compose the identity of a place and its society".