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CALLIRRHOE hosts diverse bibliographies of people and subjects, either in paginated (pdf) or directly accessible web form.

Our aim is for it to expand further, with the prospect of it becoming yet another tool for researchers in Modern Greek Studies. This will be done by gathering together bibliographies of all kinds, as well as citations of bibliographies already published (either independently or in periodicals) and, in cases where they are already online, in Anemi or other databases, by referring the user directly to the digital corpus containing the publication via a link. Over time, this may lead to the creation of a database on a par with G. I. Fousaras’ Bibliography of Greek Bibliographies 1797-1947 (Athens), which with its 1,641 entries is the first and only such tool to date.

CALLIRRHOE is founded on the thought that any bibliographic is necessarily “work in progress”; there is always the need for it to be enriched at a later date, whether with entries not previously located by the compiler or with relevant new studies. (For that reason, next to the bibliography title users will also see the date it was deposited). In this way, we hope to encourage researchers to deposit bibliographies they may already have compiled, but are hesitant to present to the academic community for fear of incompleteness. “A live dog is surely better than a dead lion” - K. Th. Dimaras was particularly fond of that verse from Ecclesiastes, and would always use it in such cases.

  • Γαλάτεια Καζαντζάκη (Εργογραφία - Βιβλιογραφία Γαλάτειας Καζαντζάκη, επιμ. Ειρήνη Γεργατσούλη) 28.11.2012
  • Ιωάννης Κονδυλάκης (Εργογραφία και βιβλιογραφία Ιωάννου Γ. Κονδυλάκη, επιμ. Μαρίνα Αϊβαλιώτου) 28.11.2012