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About Anemi






 nemi Digital Library (  was founded in 2006 by the University of Crete Library, with initial funding from the Operational Program Information Society (3rd CSF). Its enrichment was continued until 31 May 2009, with smaller funding from Library EPEAEK projects. New effords are currently made in order to find resources to continue the development of its collections.

 he central aim of its developers is to modernize the traditional institution of the library, by creating a big digital library of mainly Greek interest, thanks to the arsenal of digital expertise, the rich collections of old and rare books at the University of Crete as well as at any other institution who wanted and wants to work together in support of the project.

 omposed of a rich online bibliographic database, Anemi links -where intellectual rights are not affected- the bibliographic record with the digitized book itself. The user can thus read, print and store in his computer all or part of each digitized rare item found in Anemi's database.

 part from its open-access digitized collections, Anemi also offers a small number of digitized books available only within the Closed Network of the University of Crete Library. These are books usually with unclear copyright status, or copyrighted material that is out of print or not available for sale.

 ince September 2008, Anemi's bibliographic database also supports electronic tables of contents and indexes, using special software developed again with the support of the Information Society. This practice is currently applied in 100 selected digital items constituting digital collection Antaeus. Electronic tables of contents and indexes provide easy surveillance of the book material as well as quick navigation to the digitized pages where selected information is registered.

 feature particularly useful for the researchers of Modern Hellenism is the integration of the data of all individual electronic indexes in a Global Index, the Integrated Index of Basic Manuals for Modern Greek History and Literature Antaeus. A project of technological innovation, Antaeus offers automated combined overview of all the individual indexes included in Anemi, while also facilitates the transition to the digital page where the search term is located.